Wellbeing Coaching

Creating your future.

Our wellness is never static therefore changes throughout our lives.

Lifestyle change requires an enhanced level of self-awareness, a change in behaviour and the right environment that supports good healthy practices.

People who engage with wellbeing coaching make better decisions about their lives and develop awareness to achieve their highest potential for wellbeing.  

I will support you by applying different tools and techniques to help you identify personal lifestyle improvements to achieve a higher level of wellness. I build rapport with clients and support them on their journey to embed new sustainable lifestyles behaviours by increasing their personal awareness and support changes in mindset and behaviours.

I am enthusiastic and committed to improving my client’s wellbeing. I support clients to improve their wellbeing by increasing; confidence, self-esteem and self-belief helping them to understand emotions and increase their resilience.

Wellbeing coaching promotes learning new skills, adopting strategies for a healthy active mind,  being present to reconnect with the world,  engaging with physical activity, improving diet, and building and maintaining healthy relationships.  I will support you to identify and change unhelpful and negative mind-sets. You will become positive and open replacing bad habits by embedding new healthy behaviours.

My approach to wellbeing coaching is based on the NHS ‘Five  ways to Wellbeing’ model which is evidence based actions to improve personal wellbeing (New Economics Foundation)

Wellness is more than healthy eating and exercise both of which are proven to support mental health and improve our body and health, it’s also about understanding our environment in which we work and live in and how this impacts on our lives. It’s about our relationships with others, being kind to ourselves and to others and understanding our values, strengths and true purpose in life.

I am passionate about improving my own wellbeing and  the wellbeing of others. I support my clients to improve their quality of life, undertaking an individual holistic assessment of their current state of wellbeing and using a range of coaching techniques I work with them to explore themselves and develop a bespoke integrated wellbeing plan.

Achievable goals are identified and with my strategies and support I engage and commit clients on their personal journey to  achieve their optimum wellbeing.


Is Wellbeing Coaching for me

  • Re-define purpose in life and develop a new vision
  • Improves emotional and physical health
  • Reduce stress to improve resilience to cope with life demands
  • Make better sustainable decisions to improve  health long-term
  • Improves self-esteem and motivation
  • Improves confidence to experience new opportunities
  • Remove negative mind-sets that create barriers that are holding you back
  • Improve finances
  • Improve relationships
  • Career development
  • Set and achieve personal goals
  • Replace unhelpful habits with new healthy behaviours

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